Game is what game programmers do. The definition of game is quite broad, because there are multiple type of games. The games we will treat here are videogames.

Definition of videogameEdit

A videogame is a game that runs on a computer. The computer can be a Personal Computer, an arcade or a home console like Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360, to name a few. Videogames are software made by game programmers. These usually work for game companies like Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Rare, etc. They can work alone as amateur programmers as is the case with most shareware.

See game programmer.

Creation process Edit

For detailed information check game programming

The company thinks about creating a game. Then the game designer makes an outline of how the game will be, with all its aspects. Then the game programmers make the actual programming. On this phase the 2D or 3D artist create the pictures for the sprites (moving objects in a game: the characters, the coins, the items, etc). The musicians create the music and the sounds (by recording or synthesizing them). Finally the game is published and sold to the world. Optionally, the company can release expansion packs with improvements or put upgrades to the software to fix bugs, generally from their website.

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