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A wiki designed for game programmers by game programmers. Any person who knows about these subjects is welcome. The Wiki will have basic articles like Game programming to more advanced like C programming, DirectX, SDL and on major subjects like 3D, 2D game programming and so on. The tutorials will cover basic to advanced knowledge of SDL and DirectX game APIs.

Since 12/24/07 and adopted on May 2nd 2008 by Freud2008


Main Articles
  • Genres
  • Compilers
  • DirectX and all its subarticles
  • History of videogames
  • C for videogames
  • C++ for videogames
  • Java for videogames
  • Physics
  • Game Design and Function Libraries
  • Game Design 101
  • Blitter
  • Direct Access to Pixels
  • Basic Artificial intelligence: Finite State Machines
  • Advanced Artificial intelligence: Chess
  • GameMaker
  • First SDL program
  • Using SDL_TTF to render text
  • Collision detection (making an Arkanoid game)
  • DirectDraw
  • DirectDraw Advanced
  • DirectSound
  • DirectInput
  • DirectPlay

Featured Articles

Game programming - The main article on this wiki, it contains links to main subjects.

Ray Casting - The ability to turn a 2D environment into a 3D display, to get the classic 3D-like approach used in Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

Helping out

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GDW To-Do List

  • Add main articles
  • Organize a tree to find the tutorials as easily as possible.
  • Prepare a better Table of Contents
  • Prepare the image database to decorate articles with, from logos to examples.
  • Assign logos
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Adding content
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